Microwave Contest Results 2023   
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November 2023 Lowband Contest Results

The final Low Band event of 2023 saw rather poor weather conditions in many places, although activity on 1.3GHz held up well, it was reduced on the higher bands.

Once again M0HNA/P took the leading position on 1296MHz with a single band entry, John G4ZTR was the runner up. John G3SQQ takes the award for the leading low power station again. Best DX was the contact from M0GHZ (IO81) to DC1EHG (JO32) at 681km.

There were only two entries on 2300MHz this time, with Neil G4LDR leading G8CUL. Best DX was the G4LDR to G3XDY QSO at 223km.

On 2320MHz G4ZTR fought a close battle with G8CUL for the lead. Best DX was from G8CUL (IO91) to DL5EBS (JO31) at 578km.

John G4ZTR won 3400MHz, the runner up was David M0GHZ.  Best DX was from G4ZTR to PE1CKK at 298km. M0GHZ was the leading low power entrant.

Certificates go to the following band leaders, runners-up and leading low power stations.

1296MHz   M0HNA/P, G4ZTR, G3SQQ

2300MHz   G4LDR, G8CUL

2320MHz   G4ZTR, G8CUL

3400MHz   G4ZTR, M0GHZ

John G3XDY

UKuG Contest Manager

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