RSGB Contest Special Rules 2023

The 5.7GHz and 10GHz contests are being run concurrently to grow activity on 5.7GHz. Although they are on the same days, they are completely separate contests. Any band or both bands can be used on any of the 5 days.
1. The general rules shown above apply.
2. There are five, monthly, events from May to September inclusive, and the events run from 0600 to 1800 UTC on a Sunday. Entrants can operate for a period of up to eight hours during each event, either as a single period or two separate periods with a minimum off time of 1 hour between.
3. Logs for all events entered should be submitted in the two weeks after each session
4. Contestants may submit logs for any one of the following sections:
No power or antenna restrictions (other than those laid down in the amateur licence) on either 10GHz or on the talkback band.
The Rover concept does not apply to this section.
10GHz transmit output not to exceed 1.0 watt to the antenna.
Moving location during the contest is allowed - the Rover concept is applicable.
5. Certificates will be awarded to the leading station and runner-up in each section, and to the leading portable and fixed stations.
6. The 10GHz championship will be determined based on the best three normalized scores from each entrant over the five sessions. In addition to winners and runners-up certificates for each section, the following certificates/trophies will be awarded:
- Leading entry in the Open section - The G3RPE Memorial Trophy
- Leading entry in the Restricted section - The G3JMB Memorial Trophy
- Certificates to the leading home station and portable station in each section.